Be you

I remember years ago when someone would ask me what my hobbies or interests were I didn't know what to say...

It's like who was I beyond what I did on a day to day basis?

What about outside of work, partying on the weekend & beyond the 'norm' of what people did?

Was there more to me than that?

Who was I beyond these identities, masks & labels that I have taken on?

Was I really the person I had been brought up to believe that I was?

Or was this just a personality that had been formed from programs & conditioning from childhood & society...

Was it from what parts of me were deemed as acceptable & good while the other aspects of me that weren't approved of were denied & suppressed?

I remember a guy telling me that I was the most unemotional person that he had ever met...this shocked me a bit because on the inside I felt soo who was I?

Was I truly the person that people thought I was through their own perception, was I the person that I thought I was, or was I so much more than that?

In divine timing in accordance with our soul we will begin to ask ourselves these questions...

We start to wonder why we are here, what the meaning of life is & what we have to offer the world...

Self awareness & expansion in consciousness is really don't know what you don't know & we are all doing the best from our own level of awareness.

But it is through this self awareness that we can then make steps to reveal & unfold into who we truly are. You are you & a unique soul with a message & essence like nobody else. Allow yourself to remember & embody who you truly are through embracing all aspects of you, not just the 'good, positive, acceptable' parts. Question your beliefs & thoughts & actually see if they are true for you...give yourself space to process emotions that are wanting to be alchemized through your love & presence. Have courage & compassion as the old ways of being & living crumble & you pave a new way shining your essence into the world more & more each day 🦋

Who else can relate to this?

Much Love 💜