Be here now

Be present, breathe & be here now. The present moment is the most powerful moment you is in this now moment that you are creating your reality, it's how you can feel & alchemize energy for healing, it's how you integrate all the activations you receive, it is where you can receive inspiration & guidance from within & so much more...

If you are constantly in the mind thinking about something in the past - regrets, what if etc or focused to much in the future - when I have or get this, I'm not where I want to be, my goal is so far away etc this can cause anxiety, overwhelm, disempowerment, lack & probably not an energetic match to that which you are so focussed upon anyway..its like there is an energetic dissonance & you are not in alignment with what your higher self is encouraging you to embrace whether it be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically in the now moment which is for your highest good. Take time throughout the day to just BE, to be in the present moment with what is coming up within you & taking notice of your environment & be the witness to whatever is occurring & center into your heart space. As humans we like to jump ahead & skip where we are now to get straight to where we want to be..but these little steps along the way are important & necessary. Once we acknowledge the everyday blessings, miracles, teachings, abundance that is all around us & accept who we are & where we are, our journey becomes more conscious & sacred & we allow the natural cycles & phases of life to unfold as they should. We realize it is OK to feel what we feel, to be where we are at, to have days where we might need more rest & nourishment & other days where we feel high vibin & creating awesome stuff. Trust in your divinity, trust in your creator abilities, trust in this energetic world, trust in divine timing & trust that everything that is meant for you will flow to you when you release control & resistance to what is & allow the purging & transmutation of lower frequencies to occur & let outdated beliefs be released & alchemized & to then take the aligned inspired action.

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