Attracting higher versions of ourselves

We are multidimensional beings and we have different versions/vibrations of us. If we live in the past we are dwelling in our older version when we were in a lower vibe. As for our future self when you think too much about it it can cause anxiety - you are not powerful in this state and not a vibrational level to reach that future state anyway.

For us to tap into and align with who we truly are and our higher self its to be in the present moment! When we raise our vibration such as by addressing limiting beliefs, fears and moving our perspective into that of oneness and love we can expand our consciousness and attract this higher version of us. We can them remember more of who we are and unlock new abilities / gifts from our divine blueprint.

Its all about letting go, being present and raising our vibration. Its all existing within us already we just need to match that frequency.

Much love,