Ascension - what it really is

If you are a human on the earth at this time, you are on this ascension journey, whether you are conscious of it or not. It is not to be forced or resisted but instead embraced through the natural unfolding of your life giving you the keys to your souls expansion.

Ascension is simply expanding our consciousness, raising our vibration therefore existing in a higher frequency/dimension. It is the most natural thing for a soul. It is through this journey of a souls evolution that we remember who we truly are as an expression of Source & new desires/intentions are created to continue expanding & being of divine service.

Ascension is not something we achieve or reach, it is happening as we live life going through our own unique experiences in human form where we learn, grow, experience all the feels & embody the love that we truly are (even non-physical beings still continue to have an intention/purpose, such as helping people/groups that are existing in a lower dimensional reality, & they also learn from us being here on earth).

It is through our direct experience in our human life where we can awaken & know ourselves a source energy being who can co-create with source & play a particular role here through our conscious choice. We also wanted to be a part of the collective consciousness of humanity where we had a shared intention of evolving as a race from going from an old paradigm & consciousness of fear, lack, separation to create heaven on earth where we reside in a consciousness & paradigm of oneness, unconditional love & sovereign divinity.

You are already an ascended being who chose to come into a lower dimensional reality to be a part of this great awakening & transition so embrace this ascension journey..what are you being called to forgive/heal/integrate/love? What passions/skills are you being called to use or learn? What are you wanting to express/embody/create?

Let your heart guide your way & embrace the rollercoaster of this human experience! You were so excited to come here 🌍

Much Love 🤍