Are you ready to finally let go of what is weighing you down?

Life showing us what we are holding on to that isn't in our highest alignment to bring with us as we head into the new year. It's like we have a choice point.. are you going to consciously choose to let this belief, program, way of being go or are you going to resist changes & hang on tightly to the old at your own detriment?

This week I have noticed a lot of clearing happening in my dreamtime with subconscious fears coming up to my awareness & having the choice to release them. (For me my dreams represent themes it's not so much who\what is in the dream but the underlying emotions, beliefs that the dream represent - but I'm no dream expert) One dream I was at a cafe trying to order but it's like I was invisible nobody could see or hear me & was ignored. This showed me that I still had a fear of being seen & heard. In another dream I had lost my eftpos card & I checked my statement & the person who found it was spending all my money & I freaked out. This showed me that there is still a bit of fear within me that is holding me in scarcity\lack - I thought I had moved through this but these dreams are a great invitation to become consciously aware of what is ready to be cleared as we move forward on our journey so we can anchor onto a new higher timeline. Last night I had what was like a life review I was shown who I used to be & all the people I still had some connection to but it was time to release the attachment to them as they are not in alignment with who I am now & where I am heading. I felt so much Joy of seeing how I have grown in so many ways & all the phases we go through that are all part of our journey. The person I was many years ago seems so different & I felt so much love & happiness as I saw where I am at now & how this was all part of the divine plan & I have the willingness to not only live a fulfilling life for myself but to be of divine service to all - my life is not just about me..its about how I can shine my light & be the authentic me & put my creations out into the world to help the whole collective & planet during this ascension process. I was shown how we have phases such as being at college then full-time work etc & people come & go from our life all the time & we feel drawn to new places & experiences & this is an amazing thing but a lot of people get stuck in that place of ' I have to do this it's what I'm always done & been & what would other people think if I started to show more of my true self' & struggle to make a change in their life even though it will bring so much more joy & peace. Have compassion for yourself this month & really get clear on what is feeling joyous & light & what is feeling dense & weighing you down & give yourself permission to finally let it go.

Much Love 💜