Allow whatever is in your highest good to be experienced by you

It is important to remember that whenever we hold space for ourselves to process, feel, heal, integrate, we need to let go of control of how it's gonna go, what's gonna happen, how it's gonna feel, what expectations we have, what the end result has to look like etc.

For example, during a sound bath you can have an intention for why you are participating but it's then to let it go & just surrender, allow & receive & know you will experience whatever it is that is in your highest good to experience at that time. For some people they may have a relaxing restorative experience, for others they may feel suppressed emotions coming up to be felt & processed, for others they may receive inner guidance - whether or not this was part of their intention or plan!

There is also so much going on which we cannot perceive or understand & goes beyond the limitations of the mind when it comes to healing & what is best for us in the moment at a soul level. Its not for us to know everything, it's for us to embrace the healing opportunity in the present moment no matter how we might experience it.

In life the more we can trust that we are supported & guided & be open to receive blessings & grace, we can stop trying to control & resist the natural processing & alchemizing that is occurring during our ascension journey. Our natural state is of balance & harmony on all levels of our being & it is always wanting to align & come back into resonance, so can we allow it to occur 🦋

Much Love