A shift in consciousness is an expansion into a new awareness

Updated: Oct 7

Spiritual Quote & Message:

A shift in consciousness is an expansion into a new awareness which transforms your perspective of reality. This then affects your way of being in the world.

So how does a shift in consciousness happen in our human experience?

Here are just 5 ways...

1. It can just happen through a sudden awakening experience or through a more gradual unfoldment in accordance with our highest good/ soul's intention.

2. By intentionally creating space in the present moment to allow your presence/higher consciousness to emerge from within & allowing your human awareness to integrate or come into resonance with it.

3. Notice what is coming up for you to integrate/heal/transform through your love and presence and surrender and allow it to be transformed through non resistance to it.

4. Through utilizing tools that you feel called to such as meditation, breathwork, plant medicine, movement, sound, channeling & more.

5. Using your pure intent to see from a higher perspective / through the eyes of Source/higher self / love.

6. Choosing to be heart-centered and not holding on tightly to your beliefs, thoughts, judgments etc be okay with not knowing and being open to see & know differently. And remember... It is the embodiment & expression of who we are in life that is the most important aspect of having a shift in perspective and awareness. Share your loving, compassionate, caring, joyful and creative essence in the world in your unique way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am experiencing a shift in consciousness?

You will know if you are experiencing a shift in consciousness by the way you are perceiving and experiencing life! You won't be caught up in the same thoughts, feelings or ideas, instead it will be like there is a new awareness that has been revealed to you. You will experience a whole new reality and possibly feel like a new person, or more like your true self! We can move out of differing states of consciousness all the time, such as throughout the day or week. It is for us to attune more and more to the one we ultimately want to reside in.

What is some music I can listen to to help me shift my consciousness?

Here are some YouTube videos you can listen to:

1 Hour Deep Meditation Music - Looped Sound Bath - Trance - Tibetan and Quartz Singing Bowls & Chimes

1 Hour - Experience Presence Sound Bath / No Talking / Sacred Sounds

1 Hour Brown Noise | Relaxation | Focus | Sleep | Nature | River | Wind | Surf | ASMR | Meditation

What is happening when there is a shift in the collective consciousness of humanity?

Humanity as a whole is going through a spiritual awakening. We all may go through it at different times but we each affect the whole as we are all a part of the collective consciousness. Humanity has reached a time in our evolution we there is a paradigm shift. We are expanding our conscious awareness, holding a higher frequency and therefore anchoring in a higher dimensional existence on the earth. As this happens the old way of being, living and vibrating is coming up to be alchemized which is why it may seem like we are going backwards, but really it is arising to be integrated so humanity can exist in a higher dimensional reality as a whole.

What is your higher self?

Your higher self could also be called your divine self, your true self, your higher dimensional aspect. Basically its the part of you that sees from a higher perspective, it is operating from a higher dimensional state of consciousness. You have many higher self aspects within your soul due to all your lifetimes you have participated in. So as a human on earth you are on an ascension journey were you are remembering, activating and embodying this higher dimensional aspect of you in your lifetime.

What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is when you start to awaken to who you truly are! You begin to remember who you are as a spiritual being at your essence and that you are so much more than just a physical body and the conditoned person you may be perceived as through your conditioning and programing from childhood.

Can depression link with having a spiritual awakening or shift in consciousness?

Yes depression can be a catalyst for an awakening. Sometimes we may have to hit rock bottom in order to let go and open up to a shift in consciousness that is wanting to happen. Trust in your own divine timing of this and use your free will and pure intent to remember who you are and why you came.

Final Words

Overall, we are all invited to go through a shift in consciousness, but it is up to us to embrace it and accept it. We can more consciously support this process or we can continue being stuck in our ways, however, at a soul level, this is not what you wanted. However, you have free choice and what you decide to do with your life and with your spiritual growth is up to you, but you will be guided to choose expansion.

If you would like support in your journey if you are going through a spiritual awakening or expansion in consciousness then be sure to book in a session with Hayley, read her books or take part in a self study online course. It can be normal to want to be a bit more introverted and go within, but if you do want to reach out and feel understood then do get support.

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