Hold your head up high. Know who you are. Trust in the unseen for we are always here. Be still. just BE. Take time out from doing and be here now. Enjoy the process, the feelings, the experience as you tap into your multidimensional self. Let all else fall away. You are a divine being wit so much power to be accessed. As you raise your frequency these gifts, talents, abilities can be accessed. Know all is well. Trust trust trust. Allow shifts and changes to occur. Tap into all that you are. There is no wrong or right way. Everyone has their won unique experience that they chose to explore. Align with the flow and ease and let the need to hustle fall away. Breathe in the life force energy and ground into Gaia. This human experience is for you to play in. Embody your true nature more and more. You are becoming more than you were told, these are changing times. The boxes are now being removed and the light is being seen.