7 Days Of Healing Through Meditation

Updated: Oct 19

7 Days of Healing Through Meditation Course On Insight Timer With Hayley Zammit

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This is a practical course where you will be learning, growing, and healing through your own direct experience with the meditations. You will be invited to bring harmony to and heal on all levels of your being - emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, which is why there is a range of areas addressed throughout this 7 day course.

Healing is all about integration and allowing whatever is needing our love and presence to come in and be received by us. We will address different areas which will aid in healing, such as opening the heart, having forgiveness, listening to our emotions and body, connecting to our divinity, being in the present moment, and more. This 7-day course is for you if you feel ready to hold space for yourself to bring about more harmony, love, and wholeness within you, and within life.

7 Days Of Healing Through Meditation Course Structure

This course goes for 7 days with each lesson being approximately 14 minutes long and includes a teaching at the start followed by a guided meditation practice.

Lesson 1 - Heart Connection & Opening

Lesson 2 - The Power of Forgiveness

Lesson 3 - Embracing Divine Energy

Lesson 4 - Processing Emotions

Lesson 5 - The Present Moment

Lesson 6 - Listening & Communicating With the Body

Lesson 7 - Your True Self

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Heal Through Meditation?

Meditation can be so healing due to its ability to affect you on a deep level, in particular, to expand your consciousness, which can therefore allow you to perceive differently, to heal things that you do not know how to heal, to activate parts of your DNA, to upgrade your being on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Meditation is something that you need to have a direct experience with yourself to really know how it can heal. Healing does not occur by taking in mental concepts and thinking, its about your willingness to open, receive and transform through your integration of whatever is arising.

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