60min Virtual Sound Bath

Join me for a 60min livestream virtual sound bath on 4th March 7pm NZ time via zoom. If you feel the call to join me from your own home wherever you are in the world - get your headphones, blankets, light a candle & create a comfy sacred space & il see you tomorrow night!

My sound baths are an invitation to give yourself the medicine of your own love & presence. To bring all levels of your being into harmony & balance through being in a state of allowance & surrendering to the Love that is always present. Letting any emotions that are wanting to be felt to be alchemized by you & allowing the sacred sounds to penetrate the body & energy fields encouraging your cells to vibrate at the same frequency of the sounds.

This is also an opportunity to bring your awareness outwards & to practice deep listening & become present. Time to slow down your brainwave state & bring your nervous system into a state of rest.

If you can't make the livestream no worries everyone that signs up will have access to recording.

Book a spot: https://www.hayleyzammit.com/calender-book-class

Much Love ✨