5 ways to get into flow state

Firstly what does it mean to be in the flow state & why do it?

When you are in the flow state you are fully present and engaged in the activity you are doing. You will feel so immersed in it you can feel at one with it. You will feel 'in the zone' and you can be very productive and everything is just flowing and feels effortless and enjoyable.

1. Get heart centered

Our hearts are so powerful, they are portals to higher states of consciousness and allow us to be open and receptive to inspiration and inner guidance. When we are residing in our hearts our vibration will rise naturally and we become more aligned with our true essence. It is from this place of receptivity and resonance with our true self we become channels for our life force energy and higher consciousness to flow through us in all kinds of ways.

2. Have a clear mind

This isn't about not having thoughts - our mind is a space where inspiration and creativity can arise. However if we have a busy mind, constant chatter from the ego or feeling stressed and anxious it is unlikely that we will be able to get into that flow state. This is where practices such as meditation, journaling, nature walk and other mindfulness practices can be beneficial so we can allow a space where we can allow a space where we can be receptive to the inspiration and impulses that want to come through.

3. Time & place

To get into a flow state you need to be present and immersed in something. For some people it may only take a few minutes, for others it may take 30mins to really drop in. Therefore this requires you to focus on one thing instead of a million different tasks get rid of distractions that might snap you out of your flow such as social media, people talking to you, a noisy or unsafe environment.

Also notice what time of day you feel energized and inspired, for some it might be the mornings, for others they may feel that the evenings is when things just flow.

4. What lights you up?

When we are focused on something that we are passionate about and lights us up we can we can far more easily get into that flow state compared to doing something that we have no interest in and feel no connection with. We feel this joy, passion and happiness arising within our being and feel called to keep going forward, whether this looks like a conversation, writing, playing a sport, working on a project, taking action etc The flow state will be easily accessed when you embrace who you are and listen to your inner guidance and the impulses and inspiration you receive and there's no resistance in the way.

5. Use tools

You can use some additional tools to support you:

~ Intention: Set the intention that you want to be in flow state for this task or that afternoon etc and then let it go knowing its something that can't be forced but instead allowed and embraced.

~ Sound: Have some sounds in the background - familiar and repetitive music, binaural beats etc to shift your brainwave state.

~ Breathwork

~ Stay hydrated and eat nourishing foods

~ Allow your body to move intuitively

~ Raise your vibration through your own unique way

Much Love!