5 Tips to assist you on your ascension journey

1. Be aware of the present moment.

Are you stressing/ worrying about the past or future? A simple way to come back to come back to the present moment is to come back to your breath. or focus on the beauty surrounding you at that moment eg the flower, the sun on your skin, the yummy food in front of you.

2. Be aware of the judgements, attachments and expectations you have.

These things might arise throughout the day so when they do - acknowledge them and release them and come back to neutrality.

3. Listen to your body.

Trust it knows what you need. Do you need a nap? Some healthy nourishing food? Water? A relaxing bath? Some exercise or a walk in nature? As we integrate new codes and light we may experience physical symptoms so listen to your body even if it doesn't seem logical with your mind.

4. Become the observer of everything.

Know you are love and a multidimensional being and a vessel for source to flow through. You are not the low vibrational feelings you may experience.

5. Connect to your true essence.

Take time to quiet your mind, breathe and connect. Ad make sure you experience joy and love everyday! Life isn't as serious as we are made to believe. Let those high vibrations lead you step by step.

Much Love