5 Things to do that will support you on your ascension journey!

During our ascension journey (that of remembering who we truly are & embodying more of our higher self & anchoring in the higher dimensional frequencies for both ourselves and as a collective), there will be a process of transformation and expansion affecting us on all levels of our being - mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically.

Here are some tips to integrate into your life to assist you:

1. Remain in the present moment as often as you can

Are you stressing or worrying about the future? Are you replaying past experiences in your mind and holding onto old emotions and thoughts? Come back to the now!

A few simple ways to focus your conscious awareness back into to the present moment is to focus on your breath, your heart, the activity you are engaging in or to focus on the beauty surrounding you at that moment eg the flower, the sun on your skin, the yummy food in front of you.

The now moment, the present moment is all there ever is and this is where our power lies, so be here now!

2. Notice what is arising within you - the emotions, judgements, attachments etc & integrate them with love

The more we become conscious of things the better - because then we can make changes if we desire to do so. However a lot of stuff is in our subconscious mind...but when we are ready to alchemize, transform or integrate certain things they will come up to our conscious awareness through our life experiences such as through a person, a situation etc to then acknowledge them and release them and come back to neutrality or alignment with our own being. The key thing here is to bring it back within you instead of pointing the finger at the other person, instead see the role they are playing for you. The things we judge, feel attached to, the emotions that always seem to come back into our life again and again are great things to stop and notice and see what we need to accept and love within ourselves.

3. Listen to your body, heart and higher mind.

Body - Trust it knows what you need, its always communicating with you - and you with it! Do you need a nap? Some healthy nourishing food? Water? A relaxing bath? Some exercise or a walk in nature? As we integrate new codes and light we may experience physical symptoms so listen to your body, it is the densest part of us so it may take a bit longer to catch up with the energetic part of you!

Heart - Your heart is your compass, learn to listen and be led.

Higher mind - I'm talking about the mind of your higher self consciousness, not the egoic structure of the mind. What are you receiving?

4. Become the observer and witness

You do not have to take on everything & invest your energy into all things - especially if it is out of your control and it concerned with someone else's unique journey. Also know there is so much to be learnt by seeing and hearing other perspectives so don't get caught up in differences, come back to oneness and stay to true to who you are and observe and witness what arises in this life - know what is yours to look at & perhaps process or take inspired action on & what isn't.

5. Embrace your true souls essence.

You are a unique human and a unique divine being of source. Own your essence and what you are here to embody, be you - the world needs you & is a better place with you in it!

Much Love!

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