4 Week Reset - Mind, Body & Spirit Immersion JUNE 1st!

How often do you tune into your heart, your intentions & your vision?

Do you allow yourself to dream & consider what it is you want from your life & have steps to get you there both energetically & physically? Or are you going after things that aren't really want you want but it's what society has told you you should want?

Have you asked yourself what do I feel drawn to do, create or offer the world in this lifetime?

Do you nurture and look after your mind, body & spirit so you feel guided and inspired as you take the daily steps to create a joyful & fulfilling life for yourself?

Are you aware of what limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions & old outdated programs that you may be holding that may be running the show & wanting to keep you in your comfort zone?

Feeling like you want some support & guidance with your intentions & vision for the rest of the year? Perhaps you feel like you have grown so much in the last 6 months & you wanna set new intentions for yourself moving forward!

Interested in incorporating meditation & movement practices into your week & want to learn more about self awareness, setting intentions, creating a supportive lifestyle, listening to your body & opportunities for growth?

Are you feeling the call to go within & nurture all levels of your being- emotional, mental, physical & spiritual?

Wanting a 4 week program with:

〰️ Weekly full bodyweight workouts

〰️ Weekly guided meditations or sound baths

〰️ Weekly empowering discussions

〰️ Access to a private community for connection, sharing, guidance & support

If this sounds like YOU I invite you to join 〰️ 4 WEEK RESET - MIND, BODY & SPIRIT IMMERSION with Lydia & Hayley 🦋

Wherever you are on your journey this is an invitation to embrace the holistic & multifaceted being that you are & align with who you truly are & what you want to do & create moving forward.

There are only 10 spots available - we start 1st June 2021 so if you are feeling the call you can find more info & invest here

This is completely online via ONI App + Discord App community group so whoever you are & wherever you are you can join us!

@hayleyzammit_ & @coach_lydia_