21/09/20 Channeling The Pleiadian Council of 9

During this time of great change we ask all of humanity to not neglect their hearts, what they are feeling, what they wish & dream for. We ask you to trust your intuition more than you ever have before. To go with that inner guidance. Get in touch with your emotional body. Notice how you feel in certain situations, notice who,where,what lights you up & makes you feel expanded & what feels dense & constricting. Bring everything inwards. You have so much distraction outside of you, keeping you busy, keeping you entertained, but now is the time to go within & it is there you can get all the knowledge, all the Love that you will ever need. You will know yourself as powerful, you will know yourself as source, you will know yourself as multidimensional and you will know yourself as Love in human form. That everything is you, all the experiences that require you to forgive, to respond with compassion it is all you. There are many components at play here & it is not your job to understand & comprehend it all, it is your job to allow, to receive, to listen & follow your Love & joy.