20/08/2020 Channeling the Pleiadian Council of 9

We come through today with some guidance upon how to navigate these current times. Claim your sovereignty & release the chains that are holding you down. As you bring up what no longer serves you, you create a new path & align with a new reality. As your thoughts, words & actions embody this new way of being you will see your world shift before your eyes. As the Earth is shifting the collective must as well. We want you to remember the power that you have, that Love will truly catapult this Earth forward & as you all open your hearts & have compassion for what your friends, family & those on the other side of the world are going through, this is transformational on many levels. Have compassion for yourself first & foremost as you honor what is coming up for you & then as others see you shift & align with your higher self others will see that that can also feel what they feel, say what they want to say & to release all the layers & programming that they do not wish to carry any longer. We are so proud of each & every one of you for being here on the planet at this time, you have chosen to be here to be a part of this great transition & we thank you. Tune into your heart, your center daily & follow the impulses & guidance you receive that is what is most needed for you at that moment.