18/09/20 Channeling the Pleiadian Council of Nine

As you reach the junction of a time where there is becoming more of a divide within the collective there is a lot of dissonance we would say in the overall energy of the Earth. So many are waking up to who they really are & others are still resisting & pushing against change. No matter what the Earth will ascend into the fifth dimension & many on the Earth have, the light keepers, wayshowers & heart centered ones. During this great divide it is vital to attune to your own energy, to allow what needs to come up to come up, to not get dragged down into fear when you know that is not the case & is not what you wish to align with. There will be those that trigger you, those who will be speaking their truth that may differ from yours, know all is well, let them be. There is no need to fight against or disagree or feel like you need to judge or spread your own opinions. Can you come from a place of Love & acceptance & be the bigger person? Show the way into the higher dimensions, be the embodiment of that which you wish to see in the world. Hold your head up high & know who you are without the need to have to prove yourself to anyone. The way others choose to see you or to see the world is their reality, not yours. It is all about going within & deciding what you want to put your energy into, how you want to show up & be in the world, your way of being. We wish we were there in your physical shoes at this time but you indeed are the ones who were chosen to be here on the Earth at this time.