14/7/2020 Channelling the Arcturians, Pleiadians & Council of Nine

This is a time of great awakening for many. What is needed is to trust & surrender to the process. Many humans at this time are resistant to what they are feeling & what is coming up for them. Now more than ever you are needed, the tools & knowledge you have will benefit humanity at this time greatly. It is time to hold the torch & lead the way into the higher dimensions. As we continue to watch & support humanity at this time we are sending powerful streams of energy & light onto the planet to assist so to receive these codes all you need to do is simply allow yourselves to relax & receive. We know many of you are feeling a sort of confusion or anxiety, know this is just an experience you are feeling it is not who you are, allow these emotions to come up & be transmuted by you. There is so much excitement in the higher realms for what is to come, we know you can all handle what may occur in these times on Earth & will come together in more unity, oneness & harmony after facing the perceived challenges you will overcome as a collective. Keep doing what you are doing & centering back into the heart space when things may feel uneasy. Blessings to you all at this time 💜