13/08/20 Channeled message from the Pleiadian Council of 9

Dear ones may you consider for a moment that you are a unique aspect of source, you are each different & have your own unique frequency. Be aware that there is just experience, just what is, & you give it a label as wanted or unwanted, right or wrong, good or bad. For everything is happening & exists for a reason. Know the energy that you are & that you emit not only affects you but also the whole. Can you recognize that there are many moving parts, intertwining energies & frequencies. Can you see how connected you all are at the base level? Can you put aside your differences that you deem as wrong & can you recognize the beauty in everyone's uniqueness & therefore come together as one & united. For humanity needs that connectedness, that togetherness right now. Stop the finger pointing & see others for the truth of what they are which is Love & a unique frequency here to play, teach, expand just like you! Your brothers & sisters are not enemies, yes some may be in fear but can you honor & love them as they are? Can you show them unconditional love & compassion anyway? That is true strength & mastery. Break down the walls you have built against others & your own heart. The time has come to remember & reunite as a community, society & collective. We love you very much. Honor yourself & those around you & see the perfection in all of it. Thank you.