11/9/2020 Channeling The Pleiadian Council of 9.

Hello dear ones it is the Pleaidian Council of 9. Today we want to encourage you all to take a moment to look beyond your current reality, invite yourself to perhaps consider there is more to be discovered here. Do you believe that what you are seeing & facing in your current perception is all there is? Do you believe things can shift & change & be more fulfilling, pleasurable & more joyous? We ask you to take a moment to sit with yourself & open yourself up to expanding your conscious awareness, to declare you want to see things from a new or different perspective. To see how everything in your reality must be occurring for a reason or purpose. As you align with your center & tune into your hearts there will be a deep inner knowing & calling, you may understand that you are more than just a physical body on the Earth but a conscious creator being, a human that holds a greater power than you were ever taught to believe. Go within & discover it for yourself, stop waiting for others to validate you or make you feel worthy, go within & know that you always have the option & choice to align with a new belief, perspective, energy & way of being, nothing is fixed. Be fluid like the water, flow with life & whatever comes your way take it with grace & understand there are higher perspectives at play here. You are so guided, supported & loved by the higher realms, by source. Do you choose to tap into the higher wisdom that is available to you? Do you choose to take action that you know is in alignment with your soul, with your joy, with your dreams? Only you can do this, you can only point the finger at others, at the government, at the 'wrong doers' for so long until you need to point it back at yourself & understand that it all starts from within. That is how you can change the world. Blessings to you all at this time, keep tuning into your hearts & taking time to restore & rejuvenate when you feel off balance or in the whirlwind of the collective energies.