11/08/2020 Channeling The Pleiadian Council of 9

We are the Pleiadian Council of 9. It is an honor to come through in this way. We would like to bring through some encouragement for you all. You are at the precipice of timelines falling away & aligning yourself with new ones. We invite you to go within & connect to your heart & ask yourself what you truly wish to align with in your reality. It is only you that can make your decisions, it is only you that can place one foot forward & align with Love. As you continue unfolding in your journey you will be asked to choose,decide,let go, go after, & we ask you to do this with grace. For you all are so loved & there will always be support around you no matter which way you turn. Open up to the energies that are accessible to you right now. Understand that you are ultimately brings of light who have chosen to be here in these physical bodies, this is your game, your journey. What do you want to share & gift the world? Who were you before the world shaped you into the person you are today? We ask you to look deeper into your hearts. Perhaps there is more to be remembered or discovered here. We will continue observing your progress & assisting you in the higher realms. It is time to align with Love & the light that has always been within you. Dear ones this is just one phase the Earth is going through to ascend into a higher vibrational state. Have compassion in your hearts when any fear arises & know the true strength inside of you to get you through any discomfort. That is all for now, thank you, until next time.