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A collection of video & audio content from Hayley to support you on your spiritual path

What you seek is within you teaching video

Hayley chats about the layers of who you are and about your unique souls essence


Sacred Body Temple Activation

A 45 minute guided sound healing journey. This activation supports the accelerated integration of your Higher Self's divine will to activate its cells, DNA, bones, organs, nervous system and all parts of your physical body to function in its full health and vitality. Liberate yourself from past programs and belief systems that have kept you out of alignment with your highest physical health and wellbeing. Consciously activate, upgrade and restore harmony within all levels of your being.


5 Things that will support you on your ascension journey audio

An audio teaching with tips. During our ascension journey (that of remembering who we truly are & embodying more of our higher self & anchoring in the higher dimensional frequencies for both ourselves and as a collective), there will be a process of transformation and expansion affecting us on all levels of our being - mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically.

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