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There are times in our life when we feel lost, stuck & don't know what way to turn..

We want some support & guidance beyond what our limited human awareness can currently understand and comprehend...

We want to know that there is meaning and purpose for the experiences we go through and know how we can move forward seeing our situation from a higher perspective...

We may not feel ready to be our own healer and teacher...

We may need a hand to hold, a guide to appear to assist us on our journey...

Illuminate is an experience that incorporates channeled guidance, multidimensional healing & activation, sound healing and integration support. It enables you to not only receive guidance and support from the higher realms but also healing to assist you on your journey and integration support while you receive this new wisdom, energy and codes to allow you to move forward feeling empowered. 

hayley zammit channeled guidance

Written Channeled Guidance

hayley zammit multidimensional healing and activation

Multidimensional Healing & Activation

hayley zammit sound healing

Sound Healing

hayley zammit integration support

Integration Support


Written Channeled Guidance


Multidimensional Healing & Activation


Sound Healing


Integration Support

Written Channeled Guidance
Receive guidance from the higher realms.
This 60 minute session begins with me creating a sacred space and going into a meditative state, raising my frequency and calling in higher dimensional guides & frequencies that want to bring through messages and guidance for your highest good to assist you in your life. I never know what beings or information is going to come through, so let go of any expectations of who or what you want to come through and instead allow what is in your highest good for you at that moment to be transmitted. This information can give you a new perspective on life and assist you moving forward feeling empowered. Channeled guidance does not take away your lessons or opportunities for growth, but it does enable you to see more clearly and have a higher understanding of experiences and enable you to move through them with more ease. Channeled guidance from the higher dimensions often comes through speaking to you on a soul level, seeing the larger picture instead of getting caught up on specifics (as you are the one creating your reality through your level of vibration and frequency), you have free will and beings that are of high frequency never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do but instead focusing on what is in your highest good. This is not a mediumship reading or fortune telling – I do not bring through past loved ones or predict the future, this session is for wisdom from source frequency, spirit guides, your higher self, angels, star beings, ascended masters etc. I allow a total of 60mins to tune in, channel & then convert the file to a PDF to send to you. If you do have a specific area/question for this please put it in the notes box at checkout (or email me).
* Disclaimer: As with any information please use discernment & take what resonates and leave the rest. Read and feel this with an open heart and always trust your own inner guidance first and foremost.

Multidimensional Healing & Activation
As a channel for Source Frequency am a transmuter and transmitter of frequency. For me I receive, know & hear light language which are pure codes from Source, these are light codes which are energy, light, sound, information and come through for the purpose of healing and activation. I speak these sounds and tones out loud and incorporate time in silence to bring through the energetic transmission. The transmission will be approx 20 mins just depending on what is wanting to come through - light language is very powerful & pure coding which is why is can be short but efficient. The linear human mind will not understand what is happening as healing & activations go deeper and are affecting you on a multidimensional level which is why it is important to open your heart, allow and be open to receive without trying to decipher it - our minds and fear can block our own healing. 

Sound Healing
I will create a personalized 60min sound healing recording for you, this contains a guided meditation and sound bath. Instruments may include frosted quartz crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowl, koshi chimes, drum, caxixi, ocean drum etc. The reason why I wanted to include this as part of Illuminate was because after receiving wisdom and guidance from the higher realms and a healing and activation it is necessary to take time to integrate everything you just received. This requires time to just be present, be still and honor and process any emotions that may be coming up for you to be purged. The sound healing recording will assist you in fully receiving and integrating the codes on all levels of your being - mental, emotional, spiritual and physical through slowing down your brainwaves, allowing your nervous system to be in a state of rest and invite you into a receptive state that will allow you be more open to a state of expanded awareness. Headphones recommended for best quality sound.

Email Integration Support
After I have completed your channeled guidance, healing & activation and sound healing recording I will email these through. From this date you will also have 3 days support from me via email - this means you can reach out if you have any questions or to let me know how you are going after receiving your channeled transmissions. During a time of integration you may feel extra tired or you may have emotions coming up as they are ready to be cleared and purged from your field and that is normal so its to have compassion for yourself and reach out to me so I can assist you. It was important for me to add this in to Illuminate as I do not want to provide such deep work to someone and send them on their way, I wanted to be here to support you as you move forward over the next few days after the transmission.

Allow 10 business days (Mon-Fri NZ time) to receive your Illuminate session. It will be sent as a google drive link for you to download to your computer to keep forever & read and listen to the channeled guidance and healing whenever you feel called. 

Price is in NZD 
$444 NZD / approx $307 USD

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