you are a co creator of your life with source, will you claim your power?

learn how to navigate & master this energetic world that we live in & manifest your hearts desires

This 4 Week Audio Program has been curated for you to be a self study exploration & transformational guide for you to take time and space to dive in and become self aware of what beliefs, programs and emotional and mental state you are emitting and how to process emotions that are arising within you to be felt and healed by you. Move forward with empowerment co creating your life rather than allowing your life to be run by your subconscious mind and past events that want to keep you in your comfort zone.

You came here in this lifetime to remember who you are and activate and embody your true souls essence,

In order to do that you need to first remove the layers that are keeping you stuck in old ways of being and claim the energetic being that you are through the mastery of your emotional & energetic state.

This is not about controlling anything but instead allowing the processing and alchemizing of all to occur so we can be the powerful creator beings we came here to be and embody our unique frequency and essence to make a difference in the world while also enjoying this human experience!

Her Energetic Code - Self Study 4 Week Audio Program Includes:

Week 1

Audio Training: Recognize & Transform

Rewire & Transform Technique

Instant Alchemy Technique

Guided Meditation for Self Awareness

Week 2

Audio Training: Emotional & Mental Shifts

Emotion Flow Guided Process

Inner Child Healing Guided Process

Week 3

Audio Training: Quantum Magic

Highest Energetic Potential Guided Process

Week 4

Audio Training: Integration

Sound Bath for Presence 

7 Chakra Self Energy Healing Guided Process

Plus additional practices to do throughout the 4 weeks

Guided Meditation for Self Doubt

Energetic Mastery Affirmation Meditation

Guided Meditation for Nervous System Resilience

Short class on self doubt + compassion

Guided Meditation for your hearts vision

This program is all pre recorded and you access it via your account on this website platform


You will feel the calling in your heart if this program is for you,

Not everyone is ready & committed to truly make transformational changes in their life & take to self responsibility.

Let the inner work you do reflect the manifestations that are created in your outer world...

SALE ON NOW! Save $111 (normally $333)

$222 NZD / approx $155 USD


How many hours of content is included? 

There is 8+ hours

How much time per week will I need to invest in doing this program?

Each week varies, however you will need to be willing to invest at least 90mins of your time each week.

How many times do I need to do the weekly guided processes?

At least once a week, however I recommend doing them at least twice a week + when you feel certain beliefs/emotions etc arising & you know these practices will support you in the moment.

I've read the book Her Energetic Code is this program similar?

Yes! The book was based off this program! This self study program will suit you best if you want to listen to the content & have the guided processes & meditations to listen to.

How is this program delivered?

This is an audio program therefore both the trainings & audio processes are mp3s not delivered live or as videos to watch.

How do I access this program?

This program is hosted on my website platform via the app wix programs. You will need to create an account first before you purchase the program & then it can be accessed anytime you are logged into your account on my website via your account dashboard. You are able to access this program for as long as I have it on my website.

Do you offer a payment plan?

No this offering is a one time payment for instant access