Monthly Distance Healing Service

On the first Monday of every month (NZ time), Hayley will spend time bringing to mind those in need of healing or support and consciously send healing/loving energy and blessings to them as she connects with Source/God/Love frequency. 

Image by Chris Ensey

She will create a sacred space, light a candle and begin the 20-minute healing by first reading through the names of those from the requests that have been sent through for that month's healing, and then begin the distance healing service.

Hayley does not focus on the “problem” but instead intends for the receiver to open to their divinity and the love that is always present and see how Source/God is working in their life through this experience. She intends for the receiver to expand their consciousness and raise their vibration so that they may accept healing and integration.

We are our own healers. Nobody can override the soul expression and consciousness of another, but that does not stop Hayley from using her will and time to create space to send healing and love to those who are struggling to feel and receive it.

Hayley also invites you to join her on this day (in your own time) to stop and create space to send love and healing to another person or group.

If you are receiving this healing, you are invited to create space in your day to be open and feel the love and healing that is present and flowing to you and accept it.

This request is for a one time healing - on the first Monday of the month coming, if you want the person/group to be included every month then you will need to fill out the form every month.

Monetary contributions are welcome if you wish to support this monthly service, but is not necessary. Please note that any donations are not tax deductable as this is not a registered charity.

Distance Healing Request

Thank you, your request will be included on the first Monday of the month (New Zealand time).​