Virtual Livestream Events 

I lead online livestream events to hold space for people all over the world for activation and healing. It is my intention to create a safe sacred space for people to release, activate & heal & bring their being back into alignment & balance. To come back to their center, their heart, to access the peace and harmony within all levels of their being - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

Sound healing is a form of vibrational and energetic medicine  and a sacred container to be present with whatever is coming up for you.  

Some virtual events I do include:

Virtual Sound Baths

The sounds and frequencies are an invitation into a deeper state of consciousness, an opportunity to unplug from external stimuli and to go within and be with yourself in the present moment.

Virtual Silent Sittings

The purpose of a silent sitting is to just BE. 

To be in the present moment with whatever may be arising mentally, emotionally & phsyically without needing anything to change. We can become a witness to what is arising and acknowledge and accept it for what it is.

When we go within and be, you may notice shifts within you, you may notice emotions coming up to be felt and alchemized by you, you may begin to feel your own presence, you may experience true connection with the love that you are, you may experience a sense of inner peace, calm and knowing. There is no wrong or right everything just IS. 

So many people are used to being constantly busy and focused on things, thinking about the past or future or stuffing down emotions that are coming up to be felt - this is an invitation to give yourself the sacred medicine of your own Love & Prescense. This can be a very healing experience.

What makes my Sound Baths  unique?

 I hold a space where any experience is perfect and sacred. Some people may experience a deep relaxing restorative experience where their brainwaves slow down, their parasympathetic nervous system is invoked to allow rest and healing to occur and they find it a very peaceful and calming experience. Some may feel suppressed emotions coming up to the surface to be felt and released by them, so they may experience some physical tension or shaking in the body, they may need to cry or shout to let the emotions move through and then experience a feeling of emotional healing and release afterwards. Others may set the intention to use this time to connect in with their own inner guidance or with beings in the higher realms as the sounds can take you into an altered state of consciousness and you can fully surrender and open up. So to me all these experiences should be normalized and perfectly OK - no matter what you experience it is for you, for your highest good and what you needed in that moment, so its not to compare your experience with anyone elses or feeling like you have to lie there and be still and quiet - allow yourself to listen to your body, move intuitively, express your voice if you feel called, let yourself feel all the emotions that you would normally stuff down - this is a time for activation and healing on so many levels. That is why these virtual livestream offerings are perfect for this type of work as you can be in the comfort of your own home where you feel safe and can give yourself full permission to go within and have a unique experience. Those that know me would say I have a very feminine, soft, heart centered, peaceful, nurturing energy so know I am here to hold space for you without judgement & I honor you so much for showing up for your own wellbeing!

These sound baths won't include any talking or discussions, its just a time to jump on and join the livestream and get settled into your space to listen and just be. You can choose whether you have your camera on but you must have your microphone on mute. Headphones are recommended for best quality sound (computer speakers sometimes struggle with the high frequencies) so make sure you connect your headphones or speakers with the zoom platform before we start. A recording is also sent to everyone, so if for nay reason you can't make the livestream you will have the recording to download and listen to as many times as you like.

How does sound activate & heal?

The sounds penetrate the body and energy fields, encouraging cells to vibrate at the same frequency as the sound. Your entire being begins to vibrate in harmony, and it is from this state of being and awareness that you become more able to absorb and accept the higher frequencies for healing, clearing or activation. To me the healing occurs because of our intent & the high frequency. that is being transmitted. Its being unconditionally present with our experience & emotions without needing them to change and being open and allowing ourselves to let go and surrender and receive Love from ourselves, source and the high frequencies. Its by holding space for ourselves we heal, not pushing emotions away but giving ourselves permission to acknowledge, feel, release & alchemize the emotions into a higher vibrational state, increasing our frequency and coming into balance and harmony as a vibratory and energetic being.

Emotional & Mental ~ These sounds will slow down your brainwave state from Beta (alert & focussed) to Alpha & Theta & also affects the limbic system in the brain which governs emotional response.

Physical ~ Sound has the ability to rearrange molecular structure within the body therefore affecting you on a cellular level. It also invokes  your parasympathetic nervous system where you go into a restorative & healing state instead of activating the stress responses of your sympathetic system. The vibrations from the sounds move through water in the body which can help stimulate circulation to allow muscle relaxation and improve lymphatic flow. sound is not limited only to the faculty of the ears. We feel sound through the skin, our bones, through our energetic body as it enters our field and moves through us. Sound is therefore also sensation, as it is an excitation of the hearing mechanism that results in its perception. Scientific studies show us that sound has the capacity to create change in the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems. Sound assists in allowing the body-mind to come into a deep state of relaxation where the bodies inherent capacity for self healing can occur.

Spiritual & Subtle level~ The sounds allow you to go into an altered state of consciousness almost trance like, it allows you to surrender and expand your awareness and access inner guidance and higher realms of consciousness. At a more subtle level, the chakras of the body are wheel like energetic centers along the central energetic channel (spinal column) that receive, assimilate and transmit energy. Each chakra reflects essential aspects of consciousness that govern the master programs of our lives, relationships, learning and development. Sound has the ability to move energy through these channels and bring them into optimal balance. 

Why I use frosted quartz crystal singing bowls

Physical crystals on Earth are extensions and aspects of the crystalline consciousness which support the planet and humanity for the ascension process. The energy is very healing, transformative, cleansing, amplifying and assists on emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels. The crystalline consciousness can open us up to the higher realms and allow the integration of higher knowledge into our awareness and into our bodies. We can receive the healing and transmissions from the quartz crystal bowls through a feeling, thought , an experience, seeing geometric patterns, colours and of course just hearing the sacred sounds of the bowls – coming through on a multidimensional level and bypassing the limitations of the mind. Also as us humans are ascending our physical structure is becoming less carbon based and more crystalline so we can use the mineral kingdom and crystalline consciousness to assist this process. To make the bowls the quartz structure has been heated and molded into a bowl shape but regardless of the form it takes we can still work with the crystalline consciousness of the bowls.

Disclaimer for my Sound Baths & Sound Healing Sessions

A Sound Bath is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis treatment or medications.

Nor is it a one-to-one therapeutic session. Practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe substances or perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Please note that all guests are responsible for their own health and wellbeing during and after the sound bath.




If you are pregnant please seek advice from a medical professional before taking receiving a sound healing. As a baby is forming, very loud or sharp sounds can be detrimental to the baby's health if its brain is not fully formed yet - therefore we do not recommended this service for a woman under 12 weeks pregnant also12 weeks before birth. However during the pregnancy you may seek pain relief or want to ease pain in the body and relax or perhaps build a close connection with your baby if this is the case and you get clearance from a medical professional we can create a personalized sound healing audio for you.


According to the Epilepsy Action support services there is a rare form of epilepsy, where music or sound (bells, music, humming, buzzing, animals, and car horns, etc.) can trigger an epileptic seizure. The sound is usually very unique to the person who will usually be aware of their own triggers. This is linked to those people with brain lesions which are usually detected early in life and most clients will be fully aware of their condition and triggers and would more than likely avoid this type of treatment. Sound Baths are not suitable for people with epilepsy.

Implants or plates in the body or a pace maker in your heart (metal plates, pins, ball joints in particular)

An implant is a medical synthetic device manufactured to replace or support or enhance a biological structure. The surface of implants that are in contact with the body might be made of a biomedical material such as titanium, silicone, or apatite. In some cases implants contain electronics e.g. artificial pacemaker and cochlear implants. The vibrations we experience through sound healing may cause discomfort through the vibration of the sound and the implant or even disrupt its function. It is highly recommended seek advice from your GP.