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Sound Healing

Come back to your heart & come back into balance on all levels of your being - mental, emotional, spiritual & physical. The high vibrational sounds penetrate your body & energy fields, encouraging the cells to vibrate at the same frequency of the sound. Your entire being begins to to vibrate in harmony & its from this state of being & awareness that you become more able to accept the higher frequencies for healing, clearing or activation. 

Some possible benefits of a sound healing
- Relaxes the nervous system
- Slows your brainwave state into alpha & theta
- Can process old emotions
- Increased awareness & intuition
- Can reduce pain, stress & anxiety
- Increased vibrational state
- Clear your mind 

Do not try & make sense of the experience logically. That's not how energetic activations & healings work, its meant to go deeper than the limitations of the human language, mind & comprehension. You do not need to make sense of it just open your heart & receive the sounds and frequencies & know you are your own healer, I am just facilitating & holding space for you!

How is a session structed?
Hayley offers 1:1 Private Virtual Sound Healings & also does 30minute Livestream Sound Baths where anyone can purchase a spot. In a 1:1 60min session the first 10mins we will be going over your intention for the session & I will let you know what you may experience during the sound healing. You will then lay down in your own home perhaps on your bed, floor, couch with a  blanket and pillow & be open to receive!

At the beginning of the sound healing I will be guiding you through a short meditation before allowing the sacred sounds & vibrations to wash over you & through you. At the end of the sound healing I will guide you out of your meditative state through a short meditation and then I will give you a moment in silence & stillness. 

How to prepare
Wear comfortable clothing & have your phone off & most of all be open to whatever arises & embrace this healing opportunity!


* Hayley is currently not offering 1:1 Private Sound Healing Sessions as an apartment is being built next door so it's quite noisy! But she will be offering monthly 30min virtual sound baths in 2022 during the evening (NZ time) so keep your eye out!