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I'm Hayley, I am a channel, spiritual teacher, energy worker, sound healer, author and meditation writer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I feel the call to support people in remembering their divinity and integrating it in their human experience so they can live a life of more joy, flow and grace.

I am here to bring through wisdom and energies from Source and beings of light and love as well as my own higher self consciousness and share them with humanity to assist in raising the collective consciousness and supporting the ascension process. Supporting people in raising their vibration and expanding their consciousness is the main pillar of my work.

I love creating and expressing my purpose in many different ways such as writing books, creating masterclasses, channeled guidance and healing sessions, writing meditations and just how I be and live life in a loving and compassionate way. I also love helping other heart centered and wellness businesses through my skills - I am a meditation teacher/creator for the Aura Health mindfulness App, write custom meditation scripts or spiritual blogs for clients' businesses and more. 

I believe you are already whole, divine, powerful and an aspect of God/Source. You are a loving awareness and multidimensional being that is streaming through you, as you in this lifetime. When you awaken to the remembrance of who you truly are, you can then harness your power and live a more fulfilling and joyful life as you see from a higher perspective and are soul led. You move forward, seeing through loving eyes and listening to your intuition and heart. You no longer feel separate from God/Source and all beings because you remember the oneness and connectedness of all things and you become an embodiment of your higher self and are fueled by love and purpose and want to be of divine service and fulfill your destiny. 

My Story

Everything changed for me in 2016 when I was 23 years old. I had gone to the lowest point mentally and did not know if I could live one more day. I had no more fight left in me so my last resort was to call out to some higher power if it existed. I called out to God for help saying "God, If you exisit then you need to help me now!". I then completely surrendered and let all resistance to what I was experiencing fall away..I handed it over.. then everything changed. It was like I had a shift or expansion in consciousness and I was seeing the world through new eyes. I saw beauty everywhere and my spiritual abilities that I had suppressed were again activated. I started hearing spirit call my name, getting visions, feeling energy and having knowings. I would see myself from an awareness of me up by the ceiling or outside my room looking in at my physical human self. I started meditating and going within and discovering the true me, my higher self and accessing my inner guidance. The ego voice in my head that I thought was who I was, was so loud, but it dissipated. I would experience so much peace, unconditional love and bliss that I had never experienced before and I knew this was who I really was - a multidimensional being of Love, the eternal presence of consciousness having its expression through me as me. I continued on my journey releasing, activating, learning, embodying etc and this has led me to the work I do now, to help others remember, activate and embody their true soul's essence to live a life of joy, flow and grace and to feel the Love that they are and that is all around them!


I'm so grateful for my journey and know it was all part of the divine plan that I chose pre birth and there is so much more to come and for me to offer and bring in to the world! I feel so much love in my heart and just want to be of divine service. Know I am not here to save, change or fix you, but to be your mirror of the divine God/ Source energy being that you are! I want to remind you of your own power and to encourage you to be your own healer and teacher. To embody and transmit your own unique essence and to live your highest path and purpose in this lifetime.


If you are going through a spiritual awakening right now or feeling lost or depressed, know it is an invitation and an initiation for you to remember and be who you truly are!

Much Love,


Some of Hayleys certifications include HeartMath Trauma Sensitive Practitioner , 100HR Sound Ceremony, Reiki Master. However Hayleys best knowledge comes through her own connection and downloads with God/Source and higher dimensional beings.

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If you would like to collaborate on a project or would like me to support your heart centered / wellness business in someway through my skills, then feel free to reach out via email. I would love to hear from you and co-create something beneficial to those you serve.